UYYU- An application for On-demand services with its own cryptocurrency as a mode of payment

UYYU is a blockchain powered Application that is designed to deliver Day-to-Day on demand 52+ services including

  • Taxi on Demand
  • Handyman Services (Home Cleaning, Car wash, Electrician and more)
  • Deliver All (Food, Grocery, Wine, Pharmacy, parcel/Courier Deliver and more)
  • Booking Services (Flight, Train, Bus, Hotel bookings and more)

In addition

  • Money Transfer
  • Cash deposit & withdrawal as well as
  • Payment for goods and services

with cryptocurrency “UUYU Tokens” as a mode of payment that makes it far easier on a global level for millions of customers to access and use UYYU services with fast growing market.

What is UYYU Tokens?

The UYYU system Blockchain will be a dual token ledger. The reason why we have chosen token-duality as a model for our system is that of ensuring a stable ongoing cash flow process as well to maintain transparent accountability for an indefinite period of time.

The UYYU App will consist of the following primary elements:

UYYU Stable Coin (UYYUC) – UYYUC is the base currency that will allow users of the UYYU platform for money Transfer to other Users as well as conversion to and from Cash from UYYU outlet.
UYYU Money Token (UYYU) – UYYU is utilities token to pay for the Good and Services as well as use to rewards users of UYYU App.

*The utility token UYYU Money (“UYYU”) has been developed on open source Ethereum blockchain platform using an ERC-20 token standard for ICO,The tokens will be swapped on a 1:1 basis when UYYU APP blockchain main-net is launched.

What is UYYU Tokens?

Why UYYU Tokens?

Why UYYU Tokens?

UYYU is a reliable, long term, Global project based on Finance & General Services.

Why UYYU Tokens?

UYYY connects users and service providers for 52+ services globally without any international boundary.

Why UYYU Tokens?

UYYU tokens work as a digital currency of UYYU APP to do payment for goods and services, Transfer money globally as well as conversion to and from cash.

Why UYYU Tokens?

UYYU Tokens holders will receive a cyclical payment generated in the UYYU Exchange from token trading.

Why UYYU Tokens?

UYYU will use UYYU tokens for its all internal financial transactions, which will increase UYYU Tokens demand on DEX, UYYU Tokens holders will get high profit margin on exchange of UYYU tokens.


Nov 2020

Project Model defined and agreed on

Jan 2021

Development commenced on UYYU Money Token on Ethereum Platform

April 2021

Token will Release for Review & for ICO

Nov 2021

Launching of UYYU APP with UYYU Blockchain platform

Dec 2021

UYYU App will be live for registration of Goods & Service provider

Feb 2022

UYYU APP will be live for Users

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